Dent Master DMC 5010V1

Compact Structure

A compact and functional structure is created. DMC5010V1 Provides the freedom to design and manufacture clinics and laboratories, but also allows you to design and cement the same day.

Wet and Dry Processing

Servo Motors

Team Magazine

Vacuum system connections for dry processing and aqueous processing system are ready for you.

Highly precise servo motors ensure high precision.

To avoid wasting time by changing teams; Fully automatic tool change, 6 tool capacity magazine is used.

5 Axis Options

Powerful Precision Spindle

Tool Measurement and Fracture Control

5 axis model options according to your need. It is presented to your high expectations.

Automatic tool change, closed system water cooled 60,000 rpm Alfred Jäger Spindle / SYCO is designed to provide sufficient torque and precision for all milling tasks.

Precise tool measurement and breakage control ensure quality results that meet your expectations.

Technical Specifications